Help! Where and How to Buy Land in California

Are you trying to buy land in California? It might sound like a daunting task given the size of the state. Fortunately, it isn’t very hard to find quality vacant land in the Golden State when you know where to look. Whether you are you looking to invest in a small parcel of land to build a tiny house or an enormous lot for a ranch, California is a great place to start your search.

Given how many attractive places there are in California, one strategy is to purchase land just outside an area you find desirable.  This strategy not only gives you the economic upside of owning property with strong potential for growth and development, but also allows you to find more affordable land.

Here at Land Endeavor, we have many California properties available for a variety of needs. You can take a look at our California land for sale here.

Look Around the Southern Border

You can find land to buy not too far from the Mexican border. This includes land in Imperial County, a part of the state not too far from Yuma, Calexico, and Mexicali. This is a popular area that offers some nice and quaint open spaces that are relaxing and beautiful.

The area around the border is primarily focused on agriculture and rural living. While the area is a beautiful part of the state, it is not quite as popular as people might expect it to be when it comes to developments. When you buy land in this area, you will find land in many locations that are a little further off from major towns in the region but still close to more populated areas so you won’t be totally isolated.

It should also be noted that the land for sale near the border is not directly on the border. If anything, it is still several miles away from the border. This is important as the areas right on the border often have to contend with lots of traffic and security.

Head Into the Middle

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You can also find land around the middle part of the state. That is, you can find it in the countryside that is far off from the Pacific Ocean. San Bernardino County is a very popular area for land, for instance.

The southwestern part of the county is not too far from Los Angeles or the beach cities of Orange County. Meanwhile, the eastern area is not far from Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City, and Laughlin. Having land in this part of the state gives you a great opportunity to access some of the most exciting cities in the country.

Look Around Cities

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Some plots that you can buy are located not too far from key cities around the state. You may find land in California near various mid-sized cities like Bakersfield, for instance. Such cities are relatively removed from larger areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco but they still offer plenty of opportunities for living or investment. This is especially great if you are looking for rural living. You need a comfortable space that is not too far from more populated areas so it will be easier for you to get the supplies you need and give you the option to enjoy the amenities of a major city.

How Much Space?

People are often surprised by how large say 20 acres of land really is. For a rough shorthand, one football field is just over an acre (1.32 acres). So, when thinking about buying a 40 acre parcel, for example, that is about 30 football fields - quite a bit of space. Using this methodology, you can at least start to narrow down your options based on your use case.

Of course, you always have the option to subdivide the land into smaller lots if desired. For example, if you can get a great deal on a parcel of land you can subdivide it and sell off those lots in the future to help pay for your initial purchase. Often, the lots sold off can pay for much or all of the original purchase price as you tend to get a lower per acre cost when buying larger parcels.

How About Buying Land?

The process of buying land can be intimidating if it is your first time around. There are certain items you'll need to diligence and there are processes to follow in order to protect yourself. We put together a primer on property research to help you get started.

Fortunately, you can always get in touch with us for help with getting great land for sale in California. We have a variety of areas for you to check out today.

To buy land from us, simply contact us about a property on our site and we can answer any questions and walk you through the purchase process, summarized here. Search around our site to see what we have to offer.

All of our properties are very affordable and a great deal - we typically list our properties 50-75% below market. You can find many plots for a few thousand dollars depending on where you go. Alternatively, we offer owner financing packages on many of our parcels if you don't have all of the money up front.

California is a state that is unlike any other and deserves to be explored when you’re looking for a great piece of land to call home.​


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