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9December 2017

How to Sell Land Fast

How do I sell land fast? We hear that question often. Selling land fast requires some understanding of the market as it is different than selling a home. We discuss what to expect in a land sale process, the pros and cons of each approach and how to sell your land fast.

8October 2017

Mobile and Manufactured Homes: Are They Right for You?

Mobile and manufactured homes can be a great option. They are cost effective and require less setup time, which makes them a popular. They are also used as transitional housing while constructing a traditional home. When looking for the perfect parcel of land for your manufactured home, there are multiple items to consider. We touch on a few of the key topics such as zoning, topography and utilities to help start your research process.

22September 2017

Looking for an Investment? Look to Invest in Land

In a world where the value of investments can swing wildly, land can be a solid addition to any investment portfolio. Raw land has many unique characteristics that make it not only a good investment but a highly versatile one too. The ability to add value to your land, monetize it in a variety of ways and enjoy its hassle-free nature make land an investment opportunity worth looking into.

7August 2017

Land Zoning Types: Be Informed About Zoning

Most counties have zoning rules that determine what type of activities and structures can be placed on a given parcel of land. They do this to organize activities to certain locations in order to minimize the impact of one activity, such as building a power plant, on other activities like living in a residential neighborhood. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the permitted uses and restrictions a particular parcel of land has to ensure that it fits your use case. We walk through the basics here to get you started with your research.