Mobile and Manufactured Homes: Are They Right for You?

Mobile and manufactured homes are among the most unique properties you will ever see. Once bought from a dealer, they are manufactured in such as way that they can be simply lifted off of its foundation and then transported by a carrier to any area in the country, whether it is to a mobile home park or to your own parcel of land. It is easy get a mobile or manufactured home moved to any kind of lot that you want it to be on.

However, if you’re going to have your own mobile home, you need to search for a great lot that you can place it on. You also need to do some planning ahead so you have all the necessary equipment required to get your mobile home set up and working well.

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Let’s take a look here at what you require in a mobile home lot, whether you are a tenant with month-to-month tenancy or you buy your own lot. The things you would need for the ideal lot are important for keeping any mobile home functional as an owner. This is especially useful whether you’re either trying to find a new spot to place your mobile home at or you are trying to own a specific personal lot that you want to host other peoples’ mobile homes on.

A Great Location

A good mobile home lot needs to be placed in a location that is ideal for any plans you may have. You need to get your home placed in a spot where there is enough room for not only the home but also some nice outside amenities. These could include areas that you can set up a grill at or some outdoor furniture among other things.

Remember, when you are on a mobile home lot, you will have control over some parts of the land outside of your actual home. You will have to look at specifics as to how much land is involved though so you will have a property that is comfortable and suitable for your living needs.

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The physical size of your mobile home should be checked too. Some homes are a little longer or wider than others. They may also come with utility connections placed at varying areas. Check on how your mobile home is designed to see that you can get it to fit on a proper lot without struggling in any way.

On a related note, you would have to watch for the greenery that is around a mobile home lot. Too many trees can sometimes be problematic as there is risk that branches or the tree itself can fall onto your mobile home and damage it. They may also be obstructive to satellite dishes and other important items that might be paired along with these homes.

Zoning Is Critical​

Not all zoning classifications allow for mobile or manufactured housing. Before you acquire a parcel of land, you must check on whether the zoning permits manufactured or mobile homes. Typically, counties will provide resources online that will allow you to determine the zoning of a given parcel and provide the details of what is permitted and restricted of any given zoning classification. Also, it is always good practice to give the county planning & zoning department a call to confirm the zoning of the parcel and that manufactured and / or mobile homes are allowed and if any permits are required.

How Is the Land Sloped?

If you are in an area with significant amounts of rain, you’ll need to assess if the parcel of land has a particular slope. Typically, most people prefer a flat parcel but with enough of a slope to handle water runoff.

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Depending on the layout of the lot, some added work may be required to create a completely flat surface for a mobile home to be placed. This might entail having to dig up and flatten the surface. The situation will vary based on the design of the manufactured home.

What About Utilities?

The utilities that will be added to a mobile home lot will be important to how it is run. If public utilities are nearby, you will have a different set of considerations vs. if you will be using private utilities such as solar power, well’s and septic systems.

Many mobile / manufactured homes are set up to efficiently use private utilities, which is why they are a popular option in the off-grid community. Be sure to do plenty of planning ahead of time so that by the time you are delivering your manufactured home to your new lot you have all of your utilities squared away.

See What We Have

Take a look at the land listings that we have available today. Many of our lots allow for manufactured homes and we have owner financing packages available to fit almost any budget.

Owning your own land is a far better option than being required to live in a mobile home park where they can constantly raise your rent or force you out. Contact us today to learn just how easy it is to become a landowner today!

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