Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy Land

1. Investment in your future

Buying land can be a great way to expand your investment portfolio. Unlike traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, land is a tangible asset where you can actively increase its value. Owners often purchase property and enhance its value by having the land surveyed, adding roads or utilities or building a house. Another significant benefit of land is that there is a finite supply. If the population of a given area increases significantly, you could see the value of the land rise over time. There are also many creative ways to generate income from your land, including renting it out as a vacation property, using it for agriculture, or charging fees for hunting and fishing. Use your imagination!

2. A place to enjoy with family and friends

Land is not only an asset, but can also be used for recreation. Whether it’s a place to call your own where you can park your RV and enjoy getting away for the weekend with family, or a place to go off-roading and dirt biking with friends, being a land owner can be an affordable way to significantly improve your lifestyle. Vacant land being used for recreational activities requires little to no improvements or ongoing maintenance, making it a hassle free way to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Off the grid living

Rural land serves as a natural location for the growing group of people that would like to focus on self-reliance and not be tethered to a location based on access to public utilities or traditional employment. With so many ways to generate alternative energy, access food and water, earn income from anywhere you have an internet connection, and purchase an affordable manufactured or pre-fab home, the ability to simplify your life and get out of the daily grind has never been easier. There are many reasons to go off the grid. Many people do it to reduce the amount of consumerism in their lives and spend more time with their families, others to minimize their carbon footprint, while some simply would like to assert their independence and not be bound to the cost of living dictated by society. Whatever the reasons for going off grid, the first step is to find a suitable piece of land.

At Land Endeavor we make purchasing land simple and affordable because we have streamlined the process and eliminated many of the costs involved with other forms of real estate. You can check out our listings here.

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