Preview Potential Rural Land With Google Maps

Google Maps is a very popular free online application. With Google Maps, you can check on all sorts of locations with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The information that you can quickly get on Google Maps is impressive and is an important tool for property research (along with the related product Google Earth).

When it comes to rural land, the great thing about Google Maps is that a property address isn't required (rural land typically doesn't have an address). You can simply input the GPS coordinates (e.g., 35.227723, -117.517735) of the land into Google Maps and it will take you right to the location. This will let you quickly check out the parcel itself and the surrounding area and get driving directions to visit the property, if interested. All of our listings include the property GPS coordinates so you can check out our listings here for an example.

Of course, Google Maps is not intended to be the end-all option when you are trying to find information on a certain area. It is best used to get an initial idea of what is out there so you can quickly get an idea of what’s appealing and to eventually get driving directions if the parcel seems like a good fit.

What Can You Look Up?

When reviewing rural land on Google Maps, you can find a lot of information. These include details on the following key aspects of having a property:​

  • Roads in an area will be clearly visible. These include roads that lead you to a number of highways.
  • Any local bodies of water in an area may be included. These entail small lakes and ponds and larger rivers that might come across an area. You can use this to get an idea of what the water supplies in your area might come from.
  • Details on any local cities or towns near your plot of land will also be included. These details will help you find information on where you can get supplies from among other things you might use for your living needs. Information on any landmarks in an area may also be included in a review on your map.

The information that you can look up is regularly updated. It should be updated every few months although the timing might vary depending on where you are looking. This is especially the case with regards to rural sites.

All of the details are useful and can help you with learning about any rural spot. But it is even more important to get a carefully detailed look at something. This is where the next point from Google Maps can come into play.

Satellite Info Provides an Additional Level of Detail

One of the best features of Google Maps is that it offers satellite imagery. Once you enter the GPS coordinates you get a full-color image that gives you plenty of detail.

satellite image

This will give you a great idea of what the land looks like. This includes points on any greenery in an area, if there are any neighbors nearby, hills, power lines and much more. The information you will see can help you get a clear idea of the physical area that you are going to get with that particular plot of land.

You can even use satellite info to look at the types of roads in the area. This includes a review of whether roads are paved or not. This will help you understand how to access the property and what to expect if you are planning to visit the parcel.

What About Street View?

Street View has become very popular over the years on Google Maps. With this, you can look at a street-level view of a given location. It gives you a closer idea of what an area looks like. You might even look at historic information as Street View can go back by a few years and show you what a spot looked like at a given time.

street view image

This is not always available on Google Maps when you are trying to review rural lots. But you can still check as many roads, particularly highways, have their own Street View listings. You can use this to get a good look at what something might look like and can help you understand what you could get out of a local area.

Check Our Data Out

While Google Maps can be rather useful, it is simply the first step in your property research. Our listings contain a significant amount of information that will help with your due diligence. You can always contact us about visiting a plot that you want to invest in. 

Our listings also contain images of the land and the surrounding area, so be sure to check out our listings here. Also, if you are interested in property research we put together an article here.

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