Putting Your Land to Use: Land Use Rights

Land ownership and land use rights are important to consider when you are looking to purchase a piece of land. While it is true that you can do a variety of things on your own land, you have to understand the permitted uses and restrictions based on the particular jurisdiction as most counties and cities regulate the use of land. These individual rights and land-use regulations help to determine what can be done with your real property and are critical for all people to follow and having close contact with the local government and land administration are vital.

Land use rights are laws used in local areas to ensure that land areas are being treated properly. Such rights are determined by local governments to ensure that people are protected and are safe from all sorts of possible harm. This includes ensuring that buildings and other properties that are constructed will not be dangerous to the public or the environment.

You must look at the land use rights that you have when buying any kind of land. The rules will vary based on where you are located. You have to look at these rules carefully to ensure that you have an area that is not only perfect for your use case but also one where you can legally understand what you can do on that land.

Who Determines These Laws?

The groups that determine land use rights are typically located within certain physical boundaries. A particular city or county government typically will determine these laws.

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For instance, your property might be within the limits of a certain city or in the middle of a particular county. The city or county government may have some rules as to what you can do or not do on that property. You would have to contact the applicable governments that your property is based in to get information on what you could do to get help. Typically, a city or county will have a zoning and development department that issues a set of zoning classifications and allocate them across the county or city. You can then research what is permitted or restricted in an given zoning classification. For example, if a parcel is zoned agricultural it will have different permitted uses versus a parcel zoned residential or industrial.

These laws are typically subject to change based on many factors. You have to look at what the laws are in an area so you can get a clear idea of what to expect out of them. This should help ensure that you will get the most out of any piece of land. Researching the permitted uses of a parcel of land and confirming that it meets your use case will save you a lot of future headaches.

What Types of Rights Are There?

There are four general types of rights to consider. Each of these categories relates to different aspects that come with getting a property and taking advantage of it for your personal use:​

  • Purchasing rights relate to what you can do when acquiring land for any purpose. This includes how you are going to buy your land and what types of paperwork you might have to fill out in order to officially take in your property.
  • Developing rights involve what you can do when you are trying to build something on a plot of land. This includes laws based on the types of properties that you can build. You must also take a look at how certain types of rules can be applied in the process of getting your property.
  • Leasing rights are about how you can take care of the process of buying or renting out the space you want to get. You must look at this if you are going to hold onto an area of land for any period of time.
  • The final aspect involves selling rights. This refers to how you can sell land, where you can sell it to and how you’re going to get the ownership rights to the land sold off.

All four aspects of land use rights are critical to the success of getting a great parcel of land. Following all of the rules in the area will ensure that you can use your property to your advantage without being at risk of any future issues.

What Types of Properties Can You Build?

The rules that are in your area might vary in terms of what you can get out of your land. In some cases, you might be able to build a home or business-oriented building. In other cases, you might simply get by with a tiny house or RV or other type of portable housing that can be added and removed quickly.

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Some places will allow you to build large farms or ranches. Others might allow you to build a fully furnished golf course and country club.

But no matter what you choose to get out of your land, you must watch for what you are getting out of it. You have to verify that the structure you want to place on the land can be legally set up. The last thing you’d want is to try build only to realize that it is one that you cannot legally have on the property.

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We have many great parcels of land for sale right now. All of our properties have the zoning of each parcel in the listing to help you with your research of permitted uses and restrictions. However, contacting the county planning and zoning department to verify that your exact use case is permitted is important so there aren't any surprises after purchasing a plot of vacant land.

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