Going Off-Grid: Septic Tank Installation Costs

Whether you have a tiny house with a composting toilet or a more conventional home, you will have to get your own septic tank installed in order to live off-grid.

Septic systems are needed in order to collect sewage and wastewater treatment. These sewage treatment systems which include a reliable pump are linked to the toilet and sink and will help decompose the effluent and wastewater in an area away from your home in the drain field and will take in all the waste from your property. Done properly it should link to your kitchen and bathroom spaces.

By using septic systems, you will do more than just keep waste from being near your home. You will also have a sanitary and safe space to get such waste out into. However, these systems require maintenance and repair over time so you need to ensure that accessibility is straightforward.

The Home Advisor website estimates that it costs around $5,000 on average to have a septic tank installed. This is based on a review of a few hundred case studies where septic tanks have been installed. Some homeowners can spend around $3,000, though it may go closer to $8,000 in some instances.

While the cost can seem a bit high, it is usually money well spent as it will ensure that your property will stay clean and free from waste. This is all about providing you with a comfortable  and healthy space.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

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There are many good reasons why it might cost a good deal of money to get a septic tank installed:​

  • The need to get a large space set up for your tank is a big concern. Many septic tanks are hundreds of gallons in size and will require large areas near an area for it to fit into. A large space must be dug up in order to get it all ready.
  • The materials of your septic tank can be rather heavy. You will use steel, concrete, or fiberglass in your septic tank. It can be costly to get such a tank built and even more expensive to get the tank added.
  • The labor process can also be tough. The labor will entail several hours of work just to get the tank placed correctly. This includes looking at how the wiring for the tank works in terms of where you are going to get the tank installed and secured in.
  • The anchors and other features needed to keep a tank stationary may add to the costs. These anchors are often used in areas where the soil can be moved fairly easily. You need anchors to keep the tank from moving along with the soil. This will add extra to the total cost though so you must be careful when getting it ready.

All of these factors are going to contribute to the costs associated with getting a tank ready. These can be tough to bear at times but they are expenses that are necessary.

Can You Save On It?

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You could always try and save money on your septic tank installation cost if you use a few points for making it all work. Here are a few things that can be done to help you get the most out of your plans:​

  • Think about how big you need your septic tank to be. Consider how often you use plumbing fixtures and how many people will use it. This is to get an idea of how much waste can be produced at a given time, thus helping you determine how large the tank needs to be.
  • Check on the quality of the soil in your area and see if it is at risk of shifting or adding weight to your tank. You might be able to get a cheaper fiberglass body for your tank if it is safe to add it there.
  • See if you can get the correct space for your tank dug up on your own. You could save money by digging your own space for getting it secured. Those who install the tank might make a few revisions although that will vary based on what you require.

Be sure to look at how you’re going to get such a tank ready. Make sure that you are on site while it is being installed and that it is installed how you want it.

Don’t forget to look carefully at how well you can get a tank added to a physical space in your property. A wide-open area is always important to have as it will give you enough support for such a large item. This is where we come into play as we offer many large properties.

Get Land From Us

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